We are a girl + a boy in love with each other... and with FOOD! It can't be denied that food brings forth life for us creatures. If you do not feel excited about food, you likely feel no excitement for life. Our compulsion to try out new places to eat is unfading. This blog expresses our infatuation, obsession, weakness, appreciation, devotion, and sentiment for food. No discrimination here -- we seek out everything from fast food to fine dining. We just can't get enough of this *hobby and often plan our lives around it! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ You say eating is not a *hobby? I beg to differ. Wikipedia: "A FOODIE SEEKS NEW EXPERIENCES AS A HOBBY RATHER THAN SIMPLY EATING OUT FOR CONVENIENCE OR HUNGER." That's us!!

Authentic Taiwanese and Chinese food is served at (basically) the most interesting restaurant in the world! The flavors of the dishes are as incredible as the crazy, strange, and eccentric decor. Every inch of the establishment is filled with metal, wood, or stone sculptures or prehistoric-style cave paintings. Even a visit to the restroom is an experience you won’t forget. It’s no wonder this place is owned / was designed by an artist, named Hsieh Li-siang 謝麗香.

Steamed rice with sweet potato; water, tea.

Crispy Garlic Chicken.

Basil Crab Omelet.

Braised Various Mushrooms and Tofu.

Leek and Peanuts on Salted Dried Fish.

伍角船板 Wu Jiao Chuan Ban. Taipei.

CB Photography